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News Date : September 02, 2016 22:00:00

Here are details for

Start Date : September 01, 2016

Prizes 1 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan 
Amount : $100 USD

Prizes 2 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $60 USD

Prizes 3 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $40 USD

Prizes 4 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $20 USD

Prizes 5 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $10 USD

Prizes 6 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $8 USD

Prizes 7 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $6 USD

Prizes 8 : 
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $4 USD

Prizes 9:
1k PTC Ad Plan
Amount : $2 USD

Good luck to all. 

Referral Contest Winners
News Date : September 01, 2016 22:00:00


Here are the results of our first referral contest:

1st Place: Member ID 6 ----->(zulzlia) ----------->100$ + 1000 PTC Credits
2nd Place: Member ID 75 --->(aymen1397) --->60$ + 1000 PTC Credits
3rd Place: Member ID 64 --->(revsharepro) --->40$ + 1000 PTC Credits
4th Place: Member ID 2 ---->(feride) ------------>20$ + 1000 PTC Credits
5th Place: Member ID 18 --->(Aniskonig)------->10$ + 1000 PTC Credits
6th Place: Member ID 108 ->(said13)----------->8$ + 1000 PTC Credits
7th Place: Member ID 116 ->(shares)----------->6$ + 1000 PTC Credits
8th Place: Member ID 25 -->(paulpro)----------->4$ + 1000 PTC Credits
9th Place: Member ID 40 -->(vladast)------------>2$ + 1000 PTC Credits

Congratulations to the winners.

For 10th and 11th places, I offer some consolation prizes which were not announced earlier. Here are the prizes for 10th and 11th place winners:

10th Place: winner: ID 43 (igorevici) -> 2 days Static Banner 125x125 Member Area and Public Area.
11th Place winner: ID 50 (PakProfit) -> 2 days Static Banner 125x125 Member Area and Public Area.

Good luck for second referral contest. Details and prizes for next Referral Contest will be announced later.

Yours Sincerely,
Admin PTA

PTA has launched
News Date : September 01, 2016 00:00:00



Today is the day 01,Sep 2016. has launched!


So, Login to your accounts and make your purchases to be a part of our team!


We wish you success. Cool


Admin PTA

Dear PTA members
News Date : August 30, 2016 22:00:00

Dear PTA Members,


We are extremely excited to launch ProTrafficAd. We will be officially launching the program after exactly 48 hrs from now.


Our only intention is to serve the community for long term. We want to help all businesses to get the needed traffic, leads, sales and customers and also want to help members to earn some extra income to supplement their regular income stream. 


Here we are launching the PTA. You can login, look around the back office, visit the Details page to see the pay plan and use the promotional materials to share the details with others.


Please note the below items at this junction:



[1] The payment processors available at the launch time will be: Payza, STP, PM. 


[2] Keep a view on the News page where we will post our announcements.



Congratulations and Good luck to everyone.



Admin, PTA

ProTrafficAd Update
News Date : August 28, 2016 22:00:00

Dear All,


Hope you had a great weekend and wish you all a productive week ahead.



Below is a rough sketch of the launch:


[1] We will have a pre-launch (30 Aug 2016, Tuesday) at 10 am EST time (2 pm GMT).


[2] PTA will be launched officially at 10 am EST time (2pm GMT) on 1 Sep 2016 (Thursday).


[3] Members who wants to make purchases with fresh funds can be able to do after the launch.




Admin, PTA

Our aim
News Date : August 25, 2016 22:00:00

Dear all,


Our aim, as we mentioned before, is to add new features for quality traffic and multiple sourse of daily income. We truly have a lot of ideas for long term and stability program, ProTrafficAd it will not be just a revenue sharing program. Creating code and adding these features will take some time but I am sure that will really appeal to our users. During this time, people can use to build their downline. 


I promise, you will see many years our program online and how we pay on our members every day.


I wish you nice weekend.



Admin PTA

News Date : August 19, 2016 10:00:00

Dear All,

Our main objective are to deliver the best of best quality traffic, we will add new features gradually, until we achieve our goal, unique and exceptional program with many features and ways of making money. ProTrafficAd it will not be just a revenue sharing program.

But before we start making these changes, we need from many many members.

Therefore we started a referral contest, take the benefit of this Referral contest and build your downline. I am sure it will bring good earnings to you once the site is launched, details can be seen in our forum or your PTA account.

Also our members can get many free advertising if refer over 15 members in our system.

Bonus 1. Get 15 Free Referrals and will receive 10 000 Text Ad Credits and 5000 Banner Credits.


Bonus 2. Get 50 Free Referrals and will receive 20 000 Text Ad Credits and 10 000 Banner Credits. 

Bonus 3. Get 100 Free Referrals and will recieve 50 000 Text Ad Credits and 25 000 Banner Credits. 

Bonus 4. Get 200 Free Referrals and will recieve 100 000 Text ad Credits and 50 000 Banner Credits.

Bonus 5. Get 400 Free Referrals and will recieve 2 Days Rotating Login ad, 2 days Rotating Banner 728x90 & 2 days static Banner 468x60 public and member area & 2 days Rotating banner 468x60.

Bonus 6. Get 1000 Free Referrals and will recieve 6 days Rotating Login ad, 3 days Static Login ad,  6 days Rotating Banner728x90 & 4 days  Rotating Banner 468x60 & 4 days Static Banner 468x60 & 10 000 PTC Credits.


With Best Regards,
Admin PTA

Referral Contest Prizes
News Date : August 09, 2016 22:00:00

Firstly, I welcome you all to ProTrafficAd 



The main reason for giving more time for referral contest is for you to build your downline and to have more members at the site so that everyone will have good earnings at the launch time. 


Referral Contest Details:


Prizes 1 : 100$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 2 : 60$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 3 : 40$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 4 :  20$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 5 : 10$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 6 : 8$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 7 : 6$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 8 : 4$ & 1000 PTC Credits


Prizes 9 : 2$ & 1000 PTC Credits


All awards are in repurchase balance.


The referral contest will end at September 01, 2016, 


The winners will be announce through E-mail and later will be posted on our Facebook group too.


So, please take the benefit of this Referral contest and build your downline. I am sure it will bring good earnings to you once the site is launched. 


Please write to me through support ticket, if there are any suggestions/concerns. 


All the best.



Update after pre-launch.
News Date : June 09, 2016 09:00:00

Dear members,


We are working on improving and adding new features in our program, it's may take several months, until completed. Hence the launch date is fixed. For the purpose of display on the site, I will change the Launch date to 1st September. Meanwhile our members can buy ad-packs from 2$ maximum active adpacks one can have: 500 , PTC, PPC Banners PPC Text ads and other.


Wish you a great day . Thanks.

Yours Sincerely,

Admin, PTA

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